Stage Collision (Smash 4)

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In Smash 4, stage are built via a system comprised of chunks of both coordinate data and states. There is other files to explore that control lights and item gen.


LVD file handles collision, grab points, fighter spawn/respawn, item spawn, camera restriction, blast zone, camera points for final smashes.

An odd note is, data is usually separated by 0x01

Header: Size = 0x09
Offset(in hex) Type of Data Note What Type?
0x00 Header Magic "......LVD1" Header
0x0A Jump to next type 0x01 Enter Collision
0x0B Number of Collision entry's u32 int
0x0F Type Entry 03 04 01 01
0x13 Entry Magic w5»u or 77 35 BB 75 00 00 00 02
0x1B Jump to next type 0x01
0x1C Editor Name? A 38 char string
0x54 Jump to next type 0x01
0x55 Another Name 40 char long
0x95 Jump to next type 0x01
0x96 Lots of unknown 0x68 worth on Miiverse
0xFE Jump to next type 0x01
0xFF Number of collision points u32 int
0x103 Jump to next type 0x01
0x104 2 floats X float and Y Float
0x10C Next float 0x01
Skipping the rest
0x15D Next entry 0x01
0x15E Number of collision info u32 int
0x162 Enter the floats 0x01
0x163 Special collision float X float,Y float (Ref other lvd)
Skipping the rest
0x1B3 Next Object 0x01 Cliff entry