Load Flags

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Load flags are a set of two hex digits, starting at 0x80AD8B98, which have a diverse range of functions attached to them.

Bits 1-3

These bits seem to be unused.

Bit 4

If not set, the game will load the Motion and Etc files separately from each other.

Bit 5

Seems to be used by Olimar and IC's for something physics related.

Bit 6

Seems to be used by DK, Luigi and Peach for something sound related.

Bit 7

If set, the game will try to load a FitXXXFinal.pac file, and will prevent you from using a Final Smash if the file is not found.

Bit 8

If not set, the screen tint that occurs during a Final Smash stays until the end of the FS sequence, regardless if you die during.