Kirby Hats

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Captain Falcon

Subaction Move
206 Falcon Punch
207 reverse Falcon Punch
208 aerial Falcon Punch
209 reverse aerial Falcon Punch


Subaction Move
20A Grounded thunder bolt
20B Aerial thunder bolt


Subaction Move
20C Grounded startup
20D Aerial startup
20E Tornado spinning
20F Grounded tornado ending
210 Aerial tornado ending


Subaction Move
211 Grounded startup
212 Aerial startup
213 Spinning
214 Homing hitbox
215 Missing with homing
216 Bouncing off ground from missed homing
217 Hitting someone with homing attack
218 Landing from homing attack


Subaction Move
219 Grounded startup
21A Grounded loop firing
21B Grounded ending
21C Aerial startup
21D Aerial loop firing
21E Aerial ending


Subaction Move
21F Grounded startup
220 Grounded loop firing
221 Grounded ending
222 Aerial startup
223 Aerial loop firing
224 Aerial ending


Subaction Move
225 Grounded laser
226 Aerial laser


Subaction Move
227 Grounded startup
228 Grounded loop
229 Grounded end
22A Aerial startup
22B Aerial loop
22C Aerial end


Subaction Move
22D Grounded startup
22E Grounded loop
22F Grounded end
230 Aerial startup
231 Aerial loop
232 Aerial end


Subaction Move
233 Grounded startup
234 Grounded loop
235 Grounded no charge
236 Grounded charged shoot
237 Aerial startup
238 Aerial loop
239 Aerial no charge
23A Aerial charged shoot


Subaction Move
23B Grounded fireball
23C Aerial fireball


Subaction Move
23D Grounded startup
23E Grounded wait
23F Grounded end
240 Biting startup
241 Biting
242 Biting end
243 Eating an item
244 Eating food
245 Eating an explosive
246 Eating a heavy item
247 Eating an item
248 Aerial startup
249 Aerial wait
24A Aerial end
24B Aerial biting startup
24C Aerial biting
24D Aerial biting end
24E Aerial eating an item
24F Aerial eating food
250 Aerial eating an explosive
251 Aerial eating a heavy item
252 Aerial eating an item


Subaction Move
253 Grounded Toad
254 Aerial Toad
255 Grounded Toad hit
256 Aerial Toad hit

Ice Climbers

Subaction Move
257 Grounded ice block
258 Aerial ice block


Subaction Move
259 Grounded tongue grabbing
25A Grounded tongue grabbed
25B Grounded tongue egg make
25C Aerial tongue grabbing
25D Aerial tongue grabbed
25E Aerial tongue egg make


Subaction Move
25F Grounded holding
260 Grounded startup
261 Grounded hi throw
262 Grounded low throw
263 Grounded neutral throw
264 Grounded shaking head when near nade
265 Aerial holding
266 Aerial startup
267 Aerial hi throw
268 Aerial low throw
269 Aerial neutral throw
26A Grounded empty throw
26B Aerial empty throw


Subaction Move
26C Grounded Nayru's Love
26D Aerial Nayru's Love


Subaction Move
26E Grounded startup
26F Grounded charging
270 Grounded end
271 Grounded cancel
272 Aerial startup
273 Aerial charging
274 Aerial end
275 Aerial cancel


Subaction Move
276 Pk Freeze start-up
277 Pk Freeze charging
278 Pk Freeze release
279 Pk Freeze recovery
27A aerial Pk Freeze start-up
27B aerial Pk Freeze charging
27C aerial Pk Freeze release
27D aerial Pk Freeze recovery


Subaction Move
27E Pk Flash start-up
27F Pk Flash charging
280 Pk Flash release
281 Pk Flash recovery
282 aerial Pk Flash start-up
283 aerial Pk Flash charging
284 aerial Pk Flash release
285 aerial Pk Flash recovery

Donkey Kong

Subaction Move
286 Giant Punch start up
287 Giant Punch winding
288 Giant Punch cancel
289 Giant Punch partially charged attack
28A Giant Punch fully charged attack
28B aerial Giant Punch start up
28C aerial Giant Punch winding
28D aerial Giant Punch cancel
28E aerial Giant Punch partially charged attack
28F aerial Giant Punch fully charged attack


Subaction Move
290 Grounded Fireball
291 Aerial Fireball


Subaction Move
292 Eruption start-up
293 Eruption charging
294 Eruption partial charge attack
295 Eruption fully charged attack
296 aerial Eruption start-up
297 aerial Eruption charging
298 aerial Eruption partial charge attack
299 aerial Eruption fully charged attack


Subaction Move
29A Shield Breaker start-up
29B Shield Breaker charging
29C Shield Breaker partial charge attack
29D Shield Breaker fully charged attack
29E aerial Shield Breaker start-up
29F aerial Shield Breaker charging
2A0 aerial Shield Breaker partial charge attack
2A1 aerial Shield Breaker fully charged attack


Subaction Move
2A2 startup facing left
2A3 startup facing right
2A4 grounded charging
2A5 grounded charging again?
2A6 grounded rolling hitbox
2A7 grounded rolling
2A8 grounded rollout ending?
2A9 grounded end facing left
2AA grounded end facing right
2AB aerial startup facing left
2AC aerial startup facing right
2AD aerial charging
2AE aerial charging again?
2AF aerial rolling hitbox
2B0 aerial rolling
2B1 aerial rollout ending?
2B2 aerial rollout end facing left
2B3 aerial rollout end facing right
2B4  ??

Diddy Kong

Subaction Move
2B5 Peanut Popgun start
2B6 aerial Peanut Popgun start
2B7 Peanut Popgun charge
2B8 aerial Peanut Popgun charge
2B9 Peanut Popgun shot
2BA aerial Peanut Popgun shot
2BB Peanut Popgun charging (late)
2BC aerial Peanut Popgun charging (late)
2BD Peanut Popgun explode
2BE aerial Peanut Popgun explode


Subaction Move
2BF Robo Beam
2C0 aerial Robo Beam

King Dedede

Subaction Move
2C1 grounded startup
2C2 grounded hold
2C3 grounded end
2C4 grounded hold (enemy caught and tumbling in)
2C5 grounded swallow
2C6 grounded food inhale
2C7 grounded explosive inhale
2C8 grounded inhale heavy item
2C9 grounded eat food
2CA grounded release
2CB aerial startup
2CC aerial hold
2CD aerial end
2CE aerial hold (enemy caught and tumbling in)
2CF aerial swallow
2D0 aerial food inhale
2D1 aerial explosive inhale
2D2 aerial inhale heavy item
2D3 aerial eat food
2D4 aerial release
2D5 grounded wait in mouth
2D6 walk slow
2D7 walk mid
2D8 walk fast
2D9 jump1
2DA jump2
2DB falling held in mouth
2DC landing held in mouth
2DD turning


Subaction Move
2DE Pikmin Pluck
2DF aerial Pikmin Pluck (where he does that flailing animation)


Subaction Move
2E0 Warlock Punch
2E1 reverse Warlock Punch
2E2 aerial Warlock Punch
2E3 reverse aerial Warlock Punch


Subaction Move
2E4 grounded startup
2E5 grounded charge
2E6 grounded fire
2E7 aerial startup
2E8 aerial charge
2E9 aerial fire

Toon Link

Subaction Move
2EA grounded startup
2EB grounded charge
2EC grounded fire
2ED aerial startup
2EE aerial charge
2EF aerial fire


Subaction Move
2F0 Aura Sphere start-up
2F1 aerial Aura Sphere start-up
2F2 Aura Sphere charging
2F3 aerial Aura Sphere charging
2F4 Aura Sphere max charge
2F5 aerial Aura Sphere max charge
2F6 Aura Sphere release
2F7 aerial Aura Sphere release


Subaction Move
2F8 grounded fire
2F9 grounded cancel
2FA grounded charge
2FB grounded startup
2FC aerial fire
2FD aerial startup


Subaction Move
2FE Fire Breath startup
2FF Fire Breath hold
300 Fire Breath ending
301 aerial Fire Breath startup
302 aerial Fire Breath hold
303 aerial Fire Breath ending


Subaction Move
304 grounded startup
305 grounded hold up
306 grounded hold side
307 grounded side to up
308 grounded up to side
309 grounded side to side
30A grounded side fire
30B grounded up fire
30C aerial startup
30D aerial hold up
30E aerial hold side
30F aerial side to up
310 aerial up to side
311 aerial side to side
312 aerial side fire
313 aerial up fire

Mr. Game and Watch

Subaction Move
314 Chef
315 aerial Chef

Zero Suit Samus

Subaction Move
316 grounded startup
317 grounded no charge shoot
318 grounded full charge shoot
319 aerial startup
31A aerial no charge shoot
31B aerial full charge shoot
31C aerial landing