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While .v64/.z64 files appear to store these in a compressed form (so they can't be found), character moveset files are clearly visible in running memory.

The following commands are at least theoretically-confirmed. Several other commands exist, some of them being very common, but their purpose is currently unknown.

Cmd ID (binary) Cmd ID (hex) Length (bytes) Event Description
000000 00 0x4 Signals the end of a sequence.
000001 04 0x4 Wait Synchronous timer; pauses for the given number of frames.
000010 08 0x4 After Asynchronous timer; waits until the given number of frames has passed from the beginning of the animation.
000011 0c 0x14 Hitbox A hitbox. Also used for grabs; still unknown how the game decides whether a hitbox is a grab or not (it's not an effect like in Melee). Projectiles and items appear to use article-floating-point-style data instead of this.
000100 10 0x14 Item Hitbox Have yet to see this anywhere but the common item swing subroutines, where this are used exclusively other regular hitboxes.
000110 18 0x4 End Hitboxes Deletes all hitboxes.
001000 20 0x4 Change Hitbox Damage Changes the damage of the hitbox with the given ID.
001001 24 0x4 Change Hitbox Size Changes the size of the hitbox with the given ID.
001011 2c 0x4 Revive Hitbox After a hitbox has been deleted, this causes it to be recreated.
001100 30 0x4 Throw Data Points to a seven-word list of ints that defines a throw or grab release. Very Brawl-esque.
001101 34 0x8 Subroutine? It's a pointer to something at least.
001110 38 0x4 SFX [14] Seems to be used in cases where SFX [19] is not?
010001 44 0x4 Voice FX Plays a voice clip. IDs seen so far suggest they are not character-exclusive.
010011 4c 0x4 SFX [19] Called "Swish" by the SSB64 website when used to apply a whoosh sound to Mario's f-smash. Seems to be exclusive to that kind of sound.
010100 50 0x4 Generic Voice FX Makes a random attacking voice noise.
010101 54 0x4 Create Prop Not only does this create things like Fireballs, it's what shoots stars from the Star Rod and is also used to drop and throw items.
010110 58 0x4 Set Flag Appears to be a generic "something happens here" marker. Has been seen denoting direction reversal, jab continuations, autocancel intervals, and item pickup - for taunts it even seems to be "allow interrupt" (which may be the same underlying thing as jab continuation), something that doesn't appear to exist anywhere else.
010111 5c 0x4 Apply Throw? Deleting this causes throws to not throw and so freeze the game, but seems to be used in non-throw-based subactions as well.
011010 68 0x4 Midanimation Ground->Air Transition? Used at the point where some characters leave the ground upon using a grounded up special (i.e. Mario, Luigi, Samus, Kirby). Also used for Samus's Bomb, also at the point where she leaves the ground. Not used for other characters, even if they leave the ground during their grounded up special (maybe because it's not necessary if the transition occurs "between" animations; for example Fire Fox is probably grounded for the charge and aerial for the release).
011011 6c 0x4 Reset Hurtbox State Sets hurtbox state to given value: 1 = vulnerable, 2 = invincible, 3 = intangible
011100 70 0x4 Set Specific Hurtbox State Sets the state of a particular bone to vulnerable, invincible, or intangible.
011101 74 0x4 Set Hurtbox State Sets hurtbox state to given value: 1 = vulnerable, 2 = invincible, 3 = intangible
011110 78 0x4 Reset Hurtbox Sizes? See below.
011111 7c 0x10 Set Hurtbox Size? Used in Samus's Morph Ball subroutines on one hurtbox while the others are intangible. Use seems to match debug mode visuals.
100000 80 0x4 Begin Loop Starts a loop with the given iterations.
100001 84 0x4 End Loop Repeats and exits a previously-defined loop.
100010 88 0x8 Subroutine Goes to the given location and returns...
100011 8c 0x4 Return ...when this is found.
100100 90 0x8 Goto Jumps to the given location and doesn't come back. The next stream will immediately follow this command, with no 00000000 buffer.
100110 98 0x10 GFX Seems to define a bone, effect, location, and rotation.
100111 9c 0x10 GFX 2 Seems identical to the previous, only appearing in the common item swing subroutines (typically just before a GFX 1).
101000 a0 0x4 Set Model Form Obvious use is Link putthing his shield on his back, done by setting one bone's value to 0 and another to -1. (Yes it seems to target bones, not arbitrary groups.) Less obvious use is things like setting the open/closed state of DK's hands and mouth.
101011 ac 0x4 Set Texture Form Generally used for setting the state of a character's eyes.
101110 b8 0x8 Concurrent Stream Samus's rolls use this so that different code can be used for the GFX (and f-roll's turnaround) while sharing the morph/unmorph timing code.
101111 bc 0x4 Set Slope Countour State Seems that 0 = "no contour", 3 = "legs/feet only", 4 = "whole body".
110011 cc 0x4 Sword Trail For the Beam Sword, 0xcc040000 starts the trail and 0xcc03ffff ends it. On the other hand Link's attacks start off with 0xcc000000.