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Event Match Files are stored in Common2.pac as MiscData[6]. It's file is also known as sq_event_data.dat (found in the game folder). This is the format that the event matches follow and what the known values do.


The Header Size is 80 bytes. Here are what some of them do.

Header Format
Byte Offset Type Function Description
0x00 uint32_t Event extension Determines the number of character entries that belong to the event.
  • 0: 4 entries
  • 1: 9 entries
  • 2: 38 entries
0x04 uint32_t Unknown/Unused Always 0.
0x08 uint8_t Match Type Type of the match
  • 0: Time
  • 1: Stock
  • 2: Coin
0x09 __padding[3] Padding This data is likely part of a 4-byte alignment for the structure.
0x0C uint32_t Countdown The number of seconds on the countdown timer. If this value is 0, the timer will count up instead of down.
0x10 uint32_t Unknown flags Not fully known, the only used values are as follows:
  • 0x20000000: Makes the timer visible.
  • 0x40000000: Hide the countdown (5..4..3..2..1), this happens even if the timer is counting up.
  • 0x80000000: Unknown
0x14 float (4) Unknown
0x18 uint8_t Unknown Flags The only known values are:
  • 0x80: Hide the damage values.
0x19 bool Is Team Game If this value is non-zero(true), then the match is a team game, otherwise it is a free-for-all.
0x1A uint16_t Item Level This controls the drop rate of items (item switch).
  • O: Off
  • 1: Low
  • 2: Medium
  • 3: High
  • 4: Raining
0x1C uint8_t Unknown/Unused Always 1.
0x1D uint8_t Unknown/Unused Always 0.
0x1E uint16_t Stage ID The stage type/id that players are playing on. If the type is TargetTest then the difficulty of the event affects the target stage appropriately. The camera for the HomeRunContest does not follow any of the first three players.
0x20 uint32_t Unknown flags Known values:
  • 0x00200000: One player is on the screen at a time. (this is likely a bitwise shifted value)
  • 0x00400000: Two players are on the screen.
  • 0x00600000: Three players are on the screen.
  • 0x00800000: Four players are on the screen.
  • 0x10000000: Unknown
0x24 uint32_t Unknown Always 0.
0x28 uint32_t Item Switch 1 (?) Guessed.
0x2C uint32_t Item Switch 2 (?) Guessed.
0x30 uint32_t Pokemon Switch (?) Guessed.
0x34 uint32_t Assist Trophy Switch (?) Guessed.
0x38 float (4) Game Speed 1.00 is normal speed. The speed does not go slower than a certain amount, even if specified. Higher values indicate a faster pace.
0x3C float (4) Camera Shake Indicates the intensity of the screen shaking when a player is hit or hits something. 0.00 indicates no shake, 1.00 is normal.
0x40 uint32_t Unknown flag The only value that has been observed is
  • 0x80000000: Unknown
0x44 uint32_t Music Id The identifier for the music track to be played on the stage.
0x48 int16_t Unknown Seen as 10, 20, 120, 150, 180, or -1 (most common). Related to 0x4A.
0x4A int16_t Unknown Seen as 15, 60, 90, 150, or -1 (most common). Value is seen as <= the value at 0x48.
0x4C uint16_t Unknown Always 0.

Player Data

After the header is the Player data, which is 56 bytes per player. There is only one slot per player.

The number of player entries are determined by the Event Extension value (see above).

Player Header Format
Byte Offset Type Function Description
0x00 uint8_t Character Type The player's character type/id. Alloys crash the game, some bosses are replaced with Mario (but retain the boss portrait).
0x01 uint8_t Character Status There are only 3 known character statuses.
  • 0: Normal
  • 1: Metal
  • 2: Invisible
0x02 __padding[2] Padding This data is likely part of a 4-byte alignment for the structure.
0x04 float (4) Character Scale Determines the size of the character. 1.00 is normal.
0x08 uint8_t Team Sets the character's team. Note that the team flag must be set in the header.
0x09 uint8_t Unknown
0x0A int8_t Starting Position Sets the character's start position. The position is stage-dependent. -1 indicates no starting position.
0x0B uint8_t Unknown
0x0C uint8_t Unknown
0x0D uint8_t Unknown

Following this structure are 3 entries of the Player Stats structure, one for Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Player Stats Format
Byte Offset Type Function Description
0x00 uint16_t Offense Ratio The character's offense ratio.
0x02 uint16_t Defense Ratio The character's defense ratio.
0x04 uint8_t AI Type The character's AI controller type.
  • 0: Normal
  • 1: Stop/Idle
  • 2: Walk
  • 3: Jump
  • 4: Defend
  • 11: Event Specific
0x05 uint8_t Costume (?) The character's costume.
0x06 uint8_t Stock The amount of lives/stock the character has.
0x07 uint8_t Unknown
0x08 uint16_t Hit Points The amount of HP the character starts with. A value of non-zero on any character makes the event an HP battle.
0x0A uint16_t Starting Damage The amount of % damage that the character starts with.
0x0C uint8_t Unknown
0x0D uint8_t Unknown

The file names that the event matches are labled do not match the numbers in game. Here's which event match is which.

1-Player Event Matches

  1. eventStage1Tbl = Two Trouble Kings
  2. eventStage2Tbl = Pink Ball Repulsion
  3. eventStage4Tbl = Cleaning House in Skyworld
  4. eventStage5Tbl = Become the Champion!
  5. eventStage7Tbl = Dragoon Strike
  6. eventStage9tbl = Super Bowser Bros.
  7. eventStage10tbl = All-Star Battle Regulars
  8. eventStage12Tbl = Diddy Kong Panic
  9. eventStage13Tbl = Yoshi's Rainbow
  10. eventStage14Tbl = Go! Triple Finish!
  11. eventStage15Tbl = The Monster beneath the Earth
  12. eventStage17Tbl = Sproutrage of the Flower Pikmin
  13. eventStage19Tbl = Sleeping in the Eggs
  14. eventStage20Tbl = All-Star Battle x 1
  15. eventStage21Tbl = The Hammer of the King
  16. eventStage22Tbl = Super Waterfall Climb
  17. eventStage23Tbl = Landmaster Ignition
  18. eventStage25Tbl = Dark Link Duel
  19. eventStage26Tbl = Power Suit ON!
  20. eventStage27Tbl = Wario Bros.
  21. eventStage28Tbl = Visit to Onett
  22. eventStage29Tbl = Molten Norfair
  23. eventStage32Tbl = Come On, Blue Falcon
  24. eventStage33Tbl = The Aura Is With Me
  25. eventStage34Tbl = Monkeys Unite
  26. eventStage35Tbl = The Slow and Easy Life
  27. eventStage36Tbl = Three-Beast Carnage
  28. eventStage37Tbl = Flower Blooms in the Echoes
  29. eventStage38Tbl = All-Star Semifinal Regulars
  30. eventStage39Tbl = The Ultimate Bodyguard
  31. eventStage40Tbl = The Pirate Airship
  32. eventStage42Tbl = All-Star Battle Melee
  33. eventStage43Tbl = Bird in Darkest Night
  34. eventStage44Tbl = Advent of the Evil King
  35. eventStage45Tbl = Sonic Boom
  36. eventStage46Tbl = High-Tech Special Forces
  37. eventStage47Tbl = The Visitor to Flat Zone
  38. eventStage48Tbl = The Wolf Hunts the Fox
  39. eventStage49Tbl = All-Star Battle x 2
  40. eventStage50Tbl = The Final Battle
  41. eventStage51Tbl = The FINAL Final Battle

2-Player Event Matches

  1. eventStage1Tbl_2p = Two Trouble Kings
  2. eventStage5Tbl_2p = Master the Pokemon Tag Battle
  3. eventStage8Tbl_2p = Fastest, Shortest, Sudden Death
  4. eventStage12Tbl_2p = The DK Tag Calamity
  5. eventStage13Tbl_2p = The Yoshi Team of 50
  6. eventStage22Tbl_2p = Unwanted Suitors
  7. eventStage25Tbl_2p = Battle of the Dark Sides
  8. eventStage27Tbl_2p = All MINE!
  9. eventStage28Tbl_2p = Those Who Wait in Onett
  10. eventStage30Tbl_2p = The R.O.B.'s of Tomorrow
  11. eventStage31Tbl_2p = The Great Remodeling Battle
  12. eventStage32Tbl_2p = Come Back, Falcon Flyer!
  13. eventStage36Tbl_2p = The Dark Guardians
  14. eventStage39Tbl_2p = Blades of the Quick and Mighty
  15. eventStage40Tbl_2p = Four Swords Brawl
  16. eventStage41Tbl_2p = Jigglypuff's Great Comeback
  17. eventStage45Tbl_2p = Sonic & Mario
  18. eventStage46Tbl_2p = The New Weapon of Shadow Moses
  19. eventStage48Tbl_2p = Shadow of Andross
  20. eventStage50Tbl_2p = The Final Battle for Two
  21. eventStage51Tbl_2p = The True All-Star Battle


The menu data for events can be found in sc_sel_event_en.pac. MiscData[60] contains a mapping of strings to events and their messages (found in MiscData[30]).

MiscData[60] is a standard data file and contains two tables (one for single and co-op). Each entry in a table follows the format:

Events Menu Entry
Byte Offset Type Function Description
0x00 uint32_t Title String The index of the event title string found in MiscData[30].
0x04 uint32_t Description String The index of the event description string found in MiscData[30].
0x08 uint8_t Unknown Related to 0x0A.
0x09 uint8_t Unknown
0x0A uint8_t Unknown Related to 0x08.
0x0B uint8_t Flags Only value seen:
  • 0x40: Unknown
0x0C uint8_t Event ID The 0-based index into the event table that this links to. (Example: 0 = eventStage1Tbl)
0x0D __padding[3] Padding Most likely padding for a 4-byte structure alignment.


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