Data Types List (Brawl)

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Values are type 0. While often integers, they are also used for flags and splits (half is one value, the other half is another one).


Scalars are type 1. They are basically floats multiplied by 60,000 to get a real number; for example a value of 84000 is a scalar of 1.4. Scalars are frequently used for frame counters, hitbox sizes and positions, and other such values.


Pointers are type 2. They point to elsewhere in the file. This is not an absolute offset; one has to add a certain amount to it in order to get to the right place in an absolute context.


Booleans are type 3. Booleans are FALSE if they are 00000000 and TRUE otherwise.


Files are type 4.


Variables are type 5. They are encoded as 1-1-6 splits: the first digit is the type of variable (0=IC, 1=LA, 2=RA), the second digit is the data type (0=Basic, 1=Float, 2=Bit), and the rest is the variable's identity.


Requirements are type 6. If the first bit is set (first digit appears to be 8), the requirement is inverted.