Clone Engine Example Codes

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NOTE: These codes are old and the Clone Engine has yet to be released. Don't bother with them!

Example: MarioD->Roy

Usage Storage Engine (Dont Wreck My Music) [Dantarion]
060AF160 0000000C
3C808120 3800000D
38840B10 00000000

Usage Storage Engine Data
07200B10 00000008
32110000 00000000

This code is needed to stop the game from saving usage data into an invalid location. That is what causes My Music to freeze after using Alloys. This code only lets you use independant Pokemon and Roy. I need to v2 it for all the other characters that the other No Wreck My Music Code does.

Roy has Marths IC-Constant [Dantarion]
C2858928 00000003
2C040027 40820008
38800011 1C040038
60000000 00000000

This code is needed to let Roy use Marths IC-Constant data. Without it, Roy would not be able to double jump without freezing the game. It will be needed for other characters as well.

Roy Instance Slot File [Dantarion]
07200A00 00000020
726F792F 46697452
6F792E70 61632E00
66745F72 6F792E72
656C0000 00000000

04AD813C 81200A30
04AD7EDC 81200A00

This code has 2 parts.
Part 1 writes "roy/FitRoy.pac" and "ft_roy.rel" to a empty space in memory. Part 2 writes pointers to those two strings in the instance slot positions for ROY

MarioD Character Slot->Roy Instance [Dantarion]
06AD8578 00000010
00000027 FFFFFFFF
04455568 13361D01
044557D8 01011336

This code makes it so that the character slot for MarioD loads ROY. It also...does...TODO