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These are the slots that you put into the Custom CSS Code. Values not screen on this list are considered special. To make a "Clone Slot" for the Custom CSS Code, add on 0x40 to the value. For example, to add a second Marth Slot, add 0x40 to 0x11 and get 0x51. This will create a second Marth slot that loads Marth as well.

Then, the...TODO...code overrides this at the SSS and loads the clone character.
Note: This behavior needs to be changed for these characters to work online. The current codes hook too late (I actually think they they use the "Hold Shield for ZSS" functionality in terms of loading the character as the SSSDantarion 10:33, 29 September 2010 (UTC)

CSS->Character Slot
Index Character Secondary Character Record Bank Cosmetic Slot Wiimote SFX CSP->Color Offset Status
0x0 Mario -0x1 0x0 0x0 0x19bd 0x804551e8L 0x0
0x1 Donkey -0x1 0x1 0x1 0x19b0 0x804551f8L 0x80000000L
0x2 Link -0x1 0x2 0x2 0x19b9 0x80455208L 0x0
0x3 Samus -0x1 0x3 0x3 0x19cc 0x80455218L 0x0
0x4 SZerosuit -0x1 0x3 0x17 0x19d0 0x80455228L 0x0
0x5 Yoshi -0x1 0x4 0x4 0x19d4 0x80455238L 0x0
0x6 Kirby -0x1 0x5 0x5 0x19b7 0x80455248L 0x0
0x7 Fox -0x1 0x6 0x6 0x19b2 0x80455258L 0x0
0x8 Pikachu -0x1 0x7 0x7 0x19c3 0x80455268L 0x0
0x9 Luigi -0x1 0x8 0x8 0x19bc 0x80455274L 0x0
0xa Captain -0x1 0x9 0x9 0x19ad 0x80455284L 0x0
0xb Ness -0x1 0xa 0xa 0x19c1 0x80455294L 0x0
0xc Koopa GKoopa 0xb 0xb 0x19b8 0x804552a4L 0x80000000L
0xd Peach -0x1 0xc 0xc 0x19c2 0x804552b4L 0x0
0xe Zelda -0x1 0xd 0xd 0x19d5 0x804552c4L 0x0
0xf Sheik -0x1 0xd 0xe 0x19cd 0x804552d4L 0x0
0x10 Iceclimber -0x1 0xe 0xf 0x19b5 0x804552e4L 0x0
0x11 Marth -0x1 0x1d 0x10 0x19be 0x804552f4L 0x0
0x12 GameWatch -0x1 0x1e 0x11 0x19b3 0x80455304L 0x0
0x13 Falco -0x1 0xf 0x12 0x19b1 0x80455314L 0x0
0x14 Ganon -0x1 0x10 0x13 0x19b4 0x80455324L 0x80000000L
0x15 Wario WarioMan 0x11 0x14 0x19d2 0x80455334L 0x0
0x16 Metaknight -0x1 0x12 0x15 0x19bf 0x80455350L 0x0
0x17 Pit -0x1 0x13 0x16 0x19c5 0x80455360L 0x0
0x18 Pikmin -0x1 0x14 0x18 0x19c4 0x80455370L 0x0
0x19 Lucas -0x1 0x15 0x19 0x19bb 0x80455380L 0x0
0x1a Diddy -0x1 0x16 0x1a 0x19af 0x80455390L 0x0
0x1b -0x1 -0x1 0x1b 0x1b 0x19c8 0x804553a0L 0x80000000L
0x1c PokeLizardon Lizardon 0x1b 0x1c 0x19c7 0x804553acL 0x80000000L
0x1d PokeZenigame Zenigame 0x1b 0x1d 0x19c9 0x804553b8L 0x80000000L
0x1e PokeFushigisou Fushigisou 0x1b 0x1e 0x19c6 0x804553c4L 0x80000000L
0x1f Dedede -0x1 0x17 0x1f 0x19ae 0x804553d0L 0x80000000L
0x20 Lucario -0x1 0x1c 0x20 0x19ba 0x804553e0L 0x0
0x21 Ike -0x1 0x18 0x21 0x19b6 0x804553ecL 0x0
0x22 Robot -0x1 0x19 0x22 0x19cb 0x804553fcL 0x80000000L
0x23 Purin -0x1 0x1f 0x23 0x19ca 0x8045540cL 0x0
0x24 ToonLink -0x1 0x20 0x25 0x19d1 0x80455418L 0x0
0x25 Wolf -0x1 0x21 0x27 0x19d3 0x80455428L 0x0
0x26 Snake -0x1 0x1a 0x28 0x19ce 0x80455438L 0x0
0x27 Sonic -0x1 0x22 0x29 0x19cf 0x80455448L 0x0