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The module files in Super Smash Bros. Brawl are located in the module folder. All fighters and stages have these files, which have the suffix .rel. For example, st_donkey.rel is the file for 75m.

Editing stage .rel files


If you need custom .rels, you can use the desktop application by Bero: Also, a web app by libertyernie is available that will automatically edit a .rel and let you download it:

Manual method

You will need a hex editor.
Open the stage module file (of the format st_XXXX.rel) for the stage you want to replace something with. Let's say you want to replace Flat Zone 2 with a stage based on Final Destination. Each module file has a sequence of bytes somewhere in the file that goes like this:

38 A5 00 00 38 80 00 XX

The value of XX is the ID number of the stage, taken from this list:

STCUSTOM (Phantom Wings' code)         00    st_custom[1-9].rel
Battlefield                            01    st_battle.rel
Final Destination                      02    st_final.rel
Delfino Plaza                          03      st_dolpic.rel
Luigi's Mansion                        04      st_mansion.rel
Mushroomy Kingdom                      05      st_mariopast.rel
Mario Circuit                          06      st_kart.rel
75 m                                   07    st_donkey.rel
Rumble Falls                           08    st_jungle.rel
Pirate Ship                            09      st_pirates.rel
Norfair                                0B      st_norfair.rel
Frigate Orpheon                        0C      st_orpheon.rel
Yoshi's Island (Brawl)                 0D      st_crayon.rel
Halberd                                0E      st_halberd.rel
Lylat Cruise                           13    st_starfox.rel
Pokémon Stadium 2                      14      st_stadium.rel
Spear Pillar                           15      st_tengan.rel
Port Town Aero Dive                    16      st_fzero.rel
Summit                                 17    st_ice.rel
Flat Zone 2                            18    st_gw.rel
Castle Siege                           19    st_emblem.rel
WarioWare Inc.                         1C    st_madein.rel
Distant Planet                         1D      st_earth.rel
Skyworld                               1E      st_palutena.rel
Mario Bros.                            1F    st_famicom.rel
New Pork City                          20    st_newpork.rel
Smashville                             21      st_village.rel
Shadow Moses Island                    22      st_metalgear.rel
Green Hill Zone                        23      st_greenhill.rel
PictoChat                              24      st_pictchat.rel
Hanenbow                               25    st_plankton.rel
ConfigTest                             26      st_config.rel
Result                                 28
Temple                                 29    st_dxshrine.rel
Yoshi's Island (Melee)                 2A    st_dxyorster.rel
Jungle Japes                           2B    st_dxgarden.rel
Onett                                  2C    st_dxonett.rel
Green Greens                           2D    st_dxgreens.rel
Pokémon Stadium                        2E    st_dxpstadium.rel
Rainbow Cruise                         2F    st_dxrcruise.rel
Corneria                               30    st_dxcorneria.rel
Big Blue                               31    st_dxbigblue.rel
Brinstar                               32    st_dxzebes.rel
Bridge of Eldin                        33      st_oldin.rel
Homerun                                34      st_homerun.rel
Edit                                   35      st_stageedit.rel
Heal                                   36      st_heal.rel
OnlineTraining                         37    st_otrain.rel
TargetBreak                            38      st_tbreak.rel

So in the example, you would want to open st_final.rel search for:

38 A5 00 00 38 80 00 02

You want to replace the XX value with that of the stage you want to replace. So change the string to:

38 A5 00 00 38 80 00 18

Save the file as st_gw.rel. Now you should be able to put a Final Destination-based stage over stages/melee/STGGW.PAC.

For custom stages using Phantom Wings' Custom SSS code, the XX value you should enter is 00.

A .rel file to use an OnlineTraining-based stage as a custom stage with Phantom Wings' code can be found here: In this file, XX is 00, but you can change it with the method above if you want it to replace a stage already in the game. This .rel file is verified to have no Sandbag. (as far as I know, this is something that PW changed in the .rel, but I might be wrong --User:Libertyernie)