Record Banks

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Record Banks contain the play data for each character. This includes things such as falls, self-destructs, wins, losses, and how many times a character has KO'd another character.

Note that if a character references an invalid Record Bank, using that character will corrupt the MyMusic data which is stored directly after the Record Banks. Additionally, there is no option to specify that a character does not use a Record Bank, so all clones must use one of the existing ones.


Id Record Bank
0x0 Mario
0x1 Donkey Kong
0x2 Link
0x3 Samus/Zerosuit Samus
0x4 Yoshi
0x5 Kirby
0x6 Fox
0x7 Pikachu
0x8 Luigi
0x9 Captain Falcon
0xa Ness
0xb Bowser
0xc Peach
0xd Zelda/Sheik
0xe Ice Climbers
0xf Falco
0x10 Ganondorf
0x11 Wario
0x12 Metaknight
0x13 Pit
0x14 Olimar
0x15 Lucas
0x16 Diddy Kong
0x17 Dedede
0x18 Ike
0x19 R.O.B.
0x1a Snake
0x1b Pokémon Trainer
0x1c Lucario
0x1d Marth
0x1e Mr. Game & Watch
0x1f Jiggly Puff
0x20 Toon Link
0x21 Wolf
0x22 Sonic


Memory Offsets and Data Types
Data Memory Offset Type Notes
KO Counts +0x00 short[35] One count for each character in the same order listed above.
Falls +0x46 short
Self Destructs +0x48 short
Unknown1 +0x4A short
Hit Percentage +0x4C long
Unknown2 +0x50 long Appears to be related to Hit Percentage
Damage Given +0x54 long
Damage Taken +0x58 long
Damage Recovered +0x5C long
Peak Damage +0x60 short
Matches +0x62 short
Victories +0x64 short
Losses +0x66 short
Play Time +0x68 long
Average Group Size +0x6C long
Ground Distance +0x70 long
Jump Distance +0x74 long
Drop Distance +0x78 long
Launch Distance +0x7C long
Coins Collected +0x80 long
Coins Dropped +0x84 long
Lost Coins +0x88 long
Prat Falls +0x8C long
Swim Distance +0x90 long
Drownings +0x94 long
Unknown3 +0x98 long
Unknown4 +0x9C long
Classic Score +0xA0 long
All-Star Score +0xA4 long
Boss Battles Score +0xA8 long
Home Run Contest Score +0xAC long
10 Man Brawl Score +0xB0 long
100 Man Brawl Score +0xB4 long
3 Minute Brawl Score +0xB8 long
15 Minute Brawl Score +0xBC long
Endless Brawl Score +0xC0 long
Cruel Brawl Score +0xC4 long
Training Combo +0xC8 long
Unknown5 +0xCC long