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OpenSA2 is aiming to be a PSA like app that allows you to edit movesets, and a library that allows tinkers to make batch changes, gather stats on a set of .pac's and more. Right now, the only tool availible is the Dump GUI, and BrawlWall, the stage collision/position editor.


This is the main program of the OpenSA2 suite. As of it is a moveset viewer, but will soon be able to edit movesets, just like PSA. However, this has some advantages over PSA


  • Can edit/view all characters, including D3/PokemonTrainer.
  • Can edit/view Fighter.pac
  • Can edit/view Common3.pac (Embdedded items and Embedded Fighter.pac)
  • Can edit/view AT/Item .pac's (Item*Param.pac)
  • Can view article Actions, Subactions, and Attributes
  • Can view Nana's stuff
  • Views some unknown subroutines that run at various points
  • Can edit the "Entry" article in each characters file.


Dump GUI

This app dumps all information about a .pac into a .txt file. As its based on OpenSA2, this includes things like ledgegrab distance, and even articles.



For each Brawl level, there is a file that dictates what is ground, what is a wall, what is a ceiling, etc. Contrary to popular belief earlier, the 3D model isn't used in collision detection at all. BrawlWall aims to be an editor for these collision files, and other data inside stage files. 212683m.png


  • Views MiscData[2] in a visual format
  • Displays points in the "StagePosition" model that are used to control the camera, death boundaries, spawn points for characters and items, and base points for several character's final smashes.(IC's Lucario, Pikmin)