Graphical Effects

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An illustrated guide of the universal GFX is located at [1].

Value Effect
1 Generic Hit 1
2 Generic Hit 2
3 Fire Hit
4 Lightning Hit
5 Slash Hit
6 Slash Wave Hit
7 Heavy Landing
8 Light Landing
9 Flash (like the ground shockwave at the start of many up-B's, but not blue)
A Wind
B Landfall Special, circular arrangement of small dust clouds
C Spherical Smoke
D Normal Dash Smoke
E Normal Jump Type Smoke
F Lower Part of a Starting Smoke Tornado
10 Shine (used when starting to charge a smash attack)
11 Light Flash (used while a smash attack is currently charging)
12 Small Explosion w/ Smoke
13 Lightning (1) (2)
14 Huge Shield (L,R Shield)
15 Small Dust
16 Shield hit effect
17 Red SHOOPDAWOOP (ring-out blast)
18 explosion with brief circular shockwave
19 Small Fire Explosion with Smoke
1A White Dash Smoke
1B Small Falling Smoke
1C Big White Dash Smoke
1D White Blast with Orange-Yellow Circle Around It (Zelda's Lightning Kick GFX, Ness's F-air)
1E Three White Circles and One Big White Circle Around the Three Smaller Ones (Midair jump graphic)
1F White sparkly ball of energy (used when attacks clash, looks very similar to 0x87)
20 Small blue bubble that pops (1) (used when an attack is shielded)
21 Dust (1)
22 White Smoke (1)
23 Medium Size Fire Explosion with Smoke (1)
24 Normal Jump Graphic (a bit of dust circles around on the ground)
25 Cooler Jump Style Graphic (1)(dust expands outwards)
26 Sparks (1)
27 Medium dust blast (1)
28 Very Big dust blast (1)
29 Big dust blast
2A White dust explosion from ground (used in Bowser's down-B landing)
2B Small Lightning Effect
2C Small Red Vortex Thing (shield break/attack?)
2D Small Orange Dots that make a diamond
2E Small Dot Thing
2F Bubbles
30 Lucario like aura effect (like in his d-air)
31 Pair of small dots that burst, one above the other
32 Bright Yellow Orb (permanent?)
33 Smoke
34 Cool vortex Circle Thing (perfect shield effect?)
35 Circular green flash (Snake's grab GFX?)
36 Stars (healing visuals)
37 Kirby Star (the effect when a star box spawns in dreamland stage)
38 Pokeball effect (the effect when they are about to come out the ball)
39 Earthquake effect (either Charizard's d-smash or DK's down-B, or both)
3A fire Explosion
3B Better fire explosion
3C Ice Shattering
3D Partyball Confetti
3E Iceberg (When a character gets frozen)
3F Snowflake
40 Frost Smoke
41 Fire explosion (non smoke)
42 Smokeball smoke (changes color too)
43 Circular Lightning
44 Thunder Striking Down
45 Mud (When you get grounded) (dig)
46 Spinning Flat Circle thing (is it used in Bowser's n-air?)
47 Pokemon stadium 1 windmill fan outlines
48 Animated Sphere that changes color (permanent?)
49 Cracker flare effect upon firing
4A Dark Circle with flames flowing off
4B Dust Smoke Cloud things
4C Red then Blue Fireworks
4D Bomb-omb explosion- has a circular shockwave
4E Water splash
4F Water
50 Water splash
51 Magenta Burst
52 Dark Orb
53 Fire Sun (permanent)
54 Flame Orb
55 Stars (permanent)
56 Blue shockwave flash (used at start of many grounded up-B's, or when slamming into solid objects)
57 Huge coin
58 Green Laser
59 Conical green energy shockwave (used when Ray Gun is fired)
5A Cone of yellow stars and starbursts (used when shooting smash attack stars from Star Rod)
5B Kirby Warp star
5C Cone of yellow stars (used for impact of Star Rod's star shots?)
5D A lot of Small White Stars (used for Star Rod)
5E Infinite loop of bubbles
5F Pair of jagged spinning energy discs (used as part of Samus's up-B graphics/ screw attack badge)
60 Small Jagged Red Ball With Fire Coming From the Top (Permanent)
61 Shadow Smoke
62 Respawn Platform
63 Small Yellow Sparkles (Permanent)
64 Deku nut explosion (creates light and casts shadows for an instant)
65 Smart Bomb Graphic
66 Wooden Planks burst
67 Glass Shatter and Green Lines burst
68 Confetti and Weird White Symbols (Red Blast in Middle)
69 Confetti and Weird White Symbols (Green Blast in Middle)
6A Awesome Ice Effect (Only works one time, Second Use and After is a White Blast)
6B White Sparkles, then a Bunch of Kirby Stars (Permanent Kirby Stars)
6C Circle of Red Sparks (Permanent)
6D Two Red Circles with Lightning Inside
6E Red Circle with Lightning Inside
6F White|Light Blue) Then Fades to the Left
70 Huge Vertical Ring of Fire
71 Oval-esque Light (Colors Change From Top to Bottom, From Light Blue to Green)
72 Small Glass Shatter
73 Red Ball of Fire
74 White Lines that Form a Cone (Small Part at Bottom) and Green Flakes Appear Halfway Through the Grahpic
75 Circle of Sparkles (Permanent)
76 Random Red Sparkles (Permanent)
77 White Circle Expanding Outwards with a Few Sparkles and Music Notes
78 Random White Sparkles
79 Small White Puff of Smoke
7A White Sphere then Shadow Sphere Inside
7B Circular Splash of Water
7C Big Water Splash That Goes Outward and Up
7D Small White Blast (used while charging smash attacks? not quite but looks similar)
7E White Sparkles and Kirby Starts (Not Permanent; used as Warp Star impact?)
7F Big White Circle That Goes Outward, Then Inside of that Another White Circle Appears
80 Glass Shatter
81 Big Electric Blast
82 Small White flashing circle within Big Red flashing circle
83 Permanent Sparkles
84 Permanent (Really Bright) White Ball of Energy (Samus to ZSS transform graphic?)
85 Small Red Lightning
86 Cloud of Dust
87 Larger(?) White Sparkly Ball of Energy (used when attacks clash, looks very similar to 0x1F)