Fighter Module Constants

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Just like stages, all fighters have a constants section in their module. These constants mostly are floating points that control things, just like Article Floating Points and STDT (Stage Trap Data Table).

Alot of these values affect things like articles and such, however some do very obscure things like changing what axis the fighter behaves on as well as changing which axis gravity acts upon.

You can find the Constants section in a Fighter module file (all modules have them) by opening the module in BrawlBox v0.71 and viewing section[4].


p1 training mode Memory offset: 010e11f0 - 010e128c

Offset BBox offset Default Description
19670 0x00 10
19674 0x04 1
19678 0x08 0 No idea. wtf.
1967C 0x0C 20
19680 0x10 -1
19684 0x14 0
19688 0x18 0 Vertical momentum gained on FLUDD
1968C 0x1C 0
19690 0x20 176
19694 0x24 0x80000000
19698 0x28 0 Vertical momentum gained from each cape after 1st
1969C 0x2C 0
196A0 0x30 1 FLUDD strength Multiplier + cape related?
196A4 0x34 0
196A8 0x38 1
196AC 0x3C 20
196B0 0x40 0
196B4 0x44 2 Z axis random ratio (or multiplier or something)
196B8 0x48 0 Z axis random offset of FLUDD water
196BC 0x4C 0
196C0 0x50 0
196C4 0x54 0
196C8 0x58 0
196CC 0x5C 1 Y axis starting position of FLUDD water
196D0 0x60 -1
196D4 0x64 0
196D8 0x68 20
196DC 0x6C 0
196E0 0x70 0x7F7FFFFF
196E4 0x74 57.29578
196E8 0x78 176 Divisor of FLUDD strength?
196EC 0x7C 0x80000000
196F0 0x80 57.29578 Z Rotation of water segments?
196F4 0x84 0 Y Rotation of water segments?
196F8 0x88 1
196FC 0x8C -1
19700 0x90 0
19704 0x94 20
19708 0x98 0
1970C 0x9C 1


p1 training mode Memory offset 010e5968 - 010e5984

Offset BBox offset Default Description
11168 0x00 10
1116C 0x04 1
11170 0x08 0 No idea. wtf.
11174 0x0C 20
11178 0x10 -1
1117C 0x14 0
11180 0x18 1 Aerial fox illusion power multiplier. 3 = insta-kill
11184 0x1C 0