Character Subactions (Brawl)

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[g]/[a] Ground vs. air
[l]/[r] Left vs. right

Donkey Kong

Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE ThrowFWait Cargo stand All?
1CF ThrowFWalkSlow Cargo slow walk All?
1D0 ThrowFWalkMiddle Cargo medium walk All?
1D1 ThrowFWalkFast Cargo fast walk All?
1D2 ThrowFTurn Cargo turn All?
1D3 ThrowFJumpSquat Cargo jump "squat" All?
1D4 ThrowFJump Cargo jump All?
1D5 ThrowFFall Cargo fall All?
1D6 ThrowFLanding Cargo landing All?
1D7 ThrowFWait ...same as previous set? All?
1D8 ThrowFWalkSlow - All?
1D9 ThrowFWalkMiddle - All?
1DA ThrowFWalkFast - All?
1DB ThrowFTurn - All?
1DC ThrowFJumpSquat - All?
1DD ThrowFJump - All?
1DE ThrowFFall - All?
1DF ThrowFLanding - All?
1E0 ThrowFF Cargo f-throw All?
1E1 ThrowFB Cargo b-throw All?
1E2 ThrowFHi Cargo u-throw All?
1E3 ThrowFLw Cargo d-throw All?
1E4 SpecialNStart Giant Punch startup [g] All?
1E5 SpecialNLoop Giant Punch wind [g] All?
1E6 SpecialNCancel Giant Punch charge save [g] All?
1E7 SpecialN Giant Punch throw (not fully charged) [g] All?
1E8 SpecialN Giant Punch throw (fully charged) [g] All?
1E9 SpecialAirNStart Giant Punch startup [a] All?
1EA SpecialAirNLoop Giant Punch wind [g] All?
1EB SpecialAirNCancel Giant Punch charge save [a] All?
1EC SpecialAirN Giant Punch throw (not fully charged) [a] All?
1ED SpecialAirN Giant Punch throw (fully charged) [a] All?
1EE SpecialS Headbutt [g] All?
1EF SpecialAirS Headbutt [a] All?
1F0 SpecialHi Spinning Kong [g] All?
1F1 SpecialAirHi Spinning Kong [a] All?
1E2 SpecialLw Hand Slap startup All?
1F3 SpecialLwLoop Hand Slap attack All?
1F4 SpecialLwEnd Hand Slap finish All?
1F5 FinalStartL Konga Beat startup [gl] All?
1F6 FinalStartR Konga Beat startup [gr] All?
1F7 FinalAirStartL Konga Beat startup [al] All?
1F8 FinalAirStartR Konga Beat startup [ar] All?
1F9 FinalBody Konga Beat body rocking back and forth (no button presses) All?
1FA FinalArm Konga Beat hitting bongos (button presses) All?
1FB FinalHandCrap Konga Beat hand crap clap All?
1FC FinalEndL Konga Beat finish [gl] All?
1FD FinalEndR Konga Beat finish [gr] All?
1FE FinalEndAirL Konga Beat finish [al] All?
1FF FinalEndAirR Konga Beat finish [ar] All?
200 FinalEndL ...same as previous set, but with extra sound effect? All?
201 FinalEndR - All?
202 FinalEndAirL - All?
203 FinalEndAirR - All?


Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE SpecialNStart Blaster startup [g] All?
1CF SpecialNLoop Blaster firing [g] All?
1D0 SpecialNEnd Blaster finish [g] All?
1D1 SpecialAirNStart Blaster startup [a] All?
1D2 SpecialAirNLoop Blaster firing [a] All?
1D3 SpecialAirNEnd Blaster finish [a] All?
1D4 SpecialSStart Fox Illusion startup [g] All?
1D5 SpecialS Fox Illusion movement [g] All?
1D6 SpecialSEnd Fox Illusion finish [g] All?
1D7 SpecialAirSStart Fox Illusion startup [a] All?
1D8 SpecialAirS Fox Illusion movement [a] All?
1D9 SpecialAirSEnd Fox Illusion finish [a] All?
1DA SpecialHiHold Fire Fox startup [g] All?
1DB SpecialHiHoldAir Fire Fox startup [a] All?
1DC SpecialHi Fire Fox movement All?
1DD SpecialHiLanding Fire Fox finish [g] All?
1DE SpecialHiFall Fire Fox finish [a] All?
1DF SpecialHiBound Fire Fox stage collision All?
1E0 SpecialLwStart Reflector startup [g] All?
1E1 SpecialLwLoop Reflector hold [g] All?
1E2 SpecialLwHit Reflector reflection [g] All?
1E3 SpecialLwEnd Reflector finish [g] All?
1E4 SpecialAirLwStart Reflector startup [a] All?
1E5 SpecialAirLwLoop Reflector hold [a] All?
1E6 SpecialAirLwHit Reflector reflection [a] All?
1E7 SpecialAirLwEnd Reflector finish [a] All?
1E8 FinalStart Landmaster summon [g] All?
1E9 FinalEnd Landmaster exit [g] All?
1EA FinalAirStart Landmaster summon [a] All?
1EB FinalAirEnd Landmaster exit [a] All?
1EC AppealSStartL Smash Taunt startup [l] All?
1ED AppealSStartR Smash Taunt startup [r] All?
1EE AppealSL Smash Taunt focus [l] All?
1EF AppealSR Smash Taunt focus [r] All?
1F0 AppealSEndL Smash Taunt activation [l] All?
1F1 AppealSEndR Smash Taunt activation [r] All?


Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE SpecialNStart Hero's Bow startup [g] All?
1CF SpecialNLoop Hero's Bow charge [g] All?
1D0 SpecialNEnd Hero's Bow release [g] All?
1D1 SpecialAirNStart Hero's Bow startup [a] All?
1D2 SpecialAirNLoop Hero's Bow charge [a] All?
1D3 SpecialAirNEnd Hero's Bow release [a] All?
1D4 SpecialS1 Gale Boomerang throw [g] All?
1D5 SpecialS1 Gale Boomerang empty throw [g] All?
1D6 SpecialS2 Gale Boomerang catch [g] All?
1D7 SpecialAirS1 Gale Boomerang throw [a] All?
1D8 SpecialAirS1 Gale Boomerang empty throw [a] All?
1D9 SpecialAirS2 Gale Boomerang catch [a] All?
1DA SpecialHiStart Spin Attack startup [g] All?
1DB SpecialHi Spin Attack release [g] All?
1DC SpecialHiHold Spin Attack charge [g] All?
1DD SpecialAirHi Spin Attack [a] All?
1DE SpecialLw Bomb pull [g] All?
1DF SpecialAirLw Bomb pull [a] All?
1E0 FinalStart Triforce Slash start/miss [g] All?
1E1 FinalAirStart Triforce Slash start/miss [a] All?
1E2 FinalDash Triforce Slash dash All?
1E3 Final Triforce Slash attack All?


Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE SpecialN Fireball [g] All?
1CF SpecialAirN Fireball [a] All?
1D0 SpecialSStart Green Missile startup [g] All?
1D1 SpecialSHold Green Missile charge [g] All?
1D2 SpecialS Green Missle launch All?
1D3 SpecialS Green Missle misfire All?
1D4 SpecialSEnd Green Missile landing All?
1D5 SpecialSWall Green Missile wall stick All?
1D6 SpecialSWallEnd Green Missile wall extraction All?
1D7 SpecialAirSStart Green Missile startup [a] All?
1D8 SpecialAirSHold Green Missile charge [a] All?
1D9 SpecialAirSEnd Green Missile aerial ending All?
1DA SpecialHi Super Jump Punch [g] All?
1DB SpecialAirHi Super Jump Punch [a] All?
1DC SpecialHiDrop Super Jump Punch finish All?
1DD SpecialLw Luigi Cyclone [g] All?
1DE SpecialAirLw Luigi Cyclone [a] All?
1DF Final Negative Zone All?
1E0 FinalEnd Negative Zone finish [g] All?
1E1 FinalAirEnd Negative Zone finish [a] All?


Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE SpecialN Fireball [g] All?
1CF SpecialAirN Fireball [a] All?
1D0 SpecialS Cape [g] All?
1D1 SpecialAirS Cape [a] All?
1D2 SpecialHi Super Jump Punch [g] All?
1D3 SpecialAirHi Super Jump Punch [a] All?
1D4 SpecialLwStart FLUDD startup [g] All?
1D5 SpecialLwHold FLUDD charge [g] All?
1D6 SpecialLwLight FLUDD shoot (not fully charged) [g] All?
1D7 SpecialLwHeavy FLUDD shoot (fully charged) [g] All?
1D8 SpecialAirLwStart FLUDD startup [a] All?
1D9 SpecialAirLwHold FLUDD charge [a] All?
1DA SpecialAirLwLight FLUDD shoot (not fully charged) [a] All?
1DB SpecialAirLwHeavy FLUDD shoot (fuly charged) [a] All?
1DC Final Mario Finale [g] All?
1DD FinalAir Mario Finale [a] All?


Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE SpecialN Thunder Jolt [g] All?
1CF SpecialAirN Thunder Jolt [a] All?
1D0 SpecialSStart Skull Bash startup [g] All?
1D1 SpecialSHold Skull Bash charge [g] All?
1D2 SpecialSReady Skull Bash charge finish? [g] All?
1D3 SpecialS Skull Bash launch All?
1D4 SpecialSEnd Skull Bash landing All?
1D5 SpecialAirSStart Skull Bash startup [a] All?
1D6 SpecialAirSHold Skull Bash charge [a] All?
1D7 SpecialAirSReady Skull Bash charge finish? [a] All?
1D8 SpecialAirSEnd Skull Bash aerial ending All?
1D9 SpecialHiStart Quick Attack startup [g] All?
1DA SpecialHiEnd Quick Attack [g] All?
1DB SpecialAirHiStart Quick Attack startup [a] All?
1DC SpecialAirHiEnd Quick Attack [a] All?
1DD SpecialLw Thunder call/miss [g] All?
1DE SpecialLwHit Thunder connection [g] All?
1DF SpecialAirLw Thunder call/miss [a] All?
1E0 SpecialAirLwHit Thunder connection [a] All?
1E1 Final Volt Tackle startup [g] All?
1E2 Final2 Volt Tackle finish [g] All?
1E3 FinalAir Volt Tackle startup [a] All?
1E4 FinalAir2 Volt Tackle finish [a] All?
1E5 FinalDummy Volt Tackle All?


Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE SpecialN Charge Shot fire [g] All?
1CF SpecialNCancel Charge Shot charge save [g] All?
1D0 SpecialNHold Charge Shot charge [g] All?
1D1 SpecialNStart Charge Shot startup [g] All?
1D2 SpecialAirN Charge Shot fire [a] All?
1D3 SpecialAirNStart Charge Shot startup [a] All?
1D4 Special Super(?) Missile [g] All?
1D5 SpecialAir Super(?) Missile [a] All?
1D6 SpecialS Homing(?) Missile [g] All?
1D7 SpecialAirS Homing(?) Missile [a] All?
1D8 SpecialHi Screw Attack [g] All?
1D9 SpecialAirHi Screw Attack [a] All?
1DA SpecialLw Bomb [g] All?
1DB SpecialLwRoll Bomb jump? (frame = rotation) All?
1DC SpecialLwEnd Bomb jump landing All?
1DD SpecialAirLw Bomb [a] All?
1DE SpecialAirLwEnd Bomb jump aerial ending All?
1DF FinalSZerosuit Latter half of ZSS -> Samus transformation [g] All?
1E0 FinalAirSZerosuit Latter half of ZSS -> Samus transformation [a] All?
1E1 Final Zero Laser loop [g] All?
1E2 FinalAir Zero Laser loop [a] All?
1E3 FinalAirEnd Zero Laser finish [a] All?
1E4 FinalAirStart Zero Laser startup [a] All?
1E5 FinalEnd Zero Laser finish [g] All?
1E6 FinalStart Zero Laser startup [g] All?
1E7 FinalU Zero Laser loop max up angle [g] All?
1E8 FinalD Zero Laser loop max down angle [g] All?
1E9 FinalAirU Zero Laser loop max up angle [a] All?
1EA FinalAirD Zero Laser loop max down angle [a] All?
1EB ArmorReleaseSZerosuit Samus -> ZSS taunt All?


Hex ID Animation Name Description Characters
1CE SpecialN1 Egg Lay use/miss [g] All?
1CF SpecialN1 Egg Lay use/catch [g] All?
1D0 SpecialN2 Egg Lay lay [g] All?
1D1 SpecialAirN1 Egg Lay use/miss [a] All?
1D2 SpecialAirN1 Egg Lay use/catch [a] All?
1D3 SpecialAirN2 Egg Lay lay [a] All?
1D4 SpecialSStart Egg Roll startup [g] All?
1D5 SpecialSLoop Egg Roll loop [g] All?
1D6 SpecialSEnd Egg Roll finish [g] All?
1D7 SpecialAirSStart Egg Roll startup [a] All?
1D8 SpecialAirSLoop Egg Roll loop [a] All?
1D9 SpecialAirSEnd Egg Roll finish [a] All?
1DA SpecialHi Egg Throw [g] All?
1DB SpecialAirHi Egg Throw [a] All?
1DC SpecialLw Ground Pound hop/drop [g] All?
1DD SpecialAirLw Ground Pound spin/drop [a] All?
1DE SpecialLwLanding Ground Pound landing All?
1DF FinalStart Super Dragon statup All?
1E0 FinalFly Super Dragon idle/moving All?
1E1 FinalTurn Super Dragon turn All?
1E2 FinalFireCannon Super Dragon fireball All?
1E3 FinalEnd Super Dragon finish All?
1E4 FinalBreathingFireStart Super Dragon fire breath startup All?
1E5 FinalBreathingFire Super Dragon fire breath loop All?
1E6 FinalBreathingFireEnd Super Dragon fire breath finish All?
1E7 Dark Shadow Bug clone tint (was Yoshi ever bugged in SSE?) All?

Under construction and will be finished eventually.