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What is the "Clone Engine"

The Clone Engine is a system made to add more characters to Brawl. The name comes from the idea of taking a character, copying it, editing it, and then having it stand on its own as a character, much like how "clone" characters exist in the smash series already

Didn't Almas and PW try this?

Yes, they did, and my success has only been possible through their failures.

Almas's Clone Engine

Almas's clone engine worked by attempting to redirect which files the game loaded from disc. This worked, but since the game THOUGHT it was loading files for a particular character, the game couldn't differentiate between the character and the clone, meaning Marth vs Roy was impossible. This also required people to sacrifice one character to replace another.


Phantom Wings was supposed to be working on the clone engine, to the point where some of the coders didn't want to try working on making it, because we were assured he would come out of the blue with one. Dantarion's Note: In fact, I made a alternate stage loader based on Almas's clone engine, only to have PW randomly post his stage clone engine (Stage Expansion) in my thread a week or so later! Anyways, PW eventually posted (need link) that he had gotten it to work, but still had a lot of glitchy problems here and there..

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