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What is BrawlDJ?

BrawlDJ is a set of codes, programs, and tools to manage your brstms. While it doesnt create .brstms, it does a lot of amazing things that havent been possibly until recently.

  • With the CSE (Custom Sound Engine), you can add songs WITHOUT replacing ones in the game.
  • You can edit a stage's songlists, including adding song slots to a stage, for up to 10? songs per stage.
  • You can create new songlists for expansion stages, or one for the CSS


The CSE or Custom Sound Engine, is a standalone code that changes how the game deals with unused SFX and Song IDs.


If the game attempts to load a SFX or Song ID greater than 0x286C, it will instead load a file from the directory /sound/sfx/ For example, ABCD => /sound/sfx/0000ABCD.brstm
This works with Riivolution and GeckoOS, but requires special rules in the XML for Riivolution, and sometimes plays static or distorted music in GeckoOS is a set of python scripts for making custom versions of these files:

  • common2_en.pac (Contains SongID->Title table, and SongID->StageTrackList table)
  • mu_menumain_en.pac (Contains song titles)
  • info_en.pac (Contains song titles)
  • info_training.pac (Contains song titles)

There are three steps to using

  • Extraction (Extracting the data from your customized or default files)
  • Editng (Editing the produced custom_snd_bgmSysData.txt file)
  • Injection (Putting the data back into the files)

BrawlDJ takes in files from the in/ folder, and outputs files in the out/ folder. It will not override the original files. However, if you want to re-edit your customized files, simply put them in the in folder after running BrawlDJ. Otherwise, re-extracting will override your custom_snd_bgmSysData.txt with the info from the in/ files


Either use the default NTSC files provided, or override them with your own files. Then, double click "extract.bat"


Edit custom_snd_bgmSysData.txt using a text editor that doesnt suck, like Notepad++. Notepad puts something weird in the beginning of the file when you save, idk.


Double click "inject.bat"


If you have trouble with your files, double click "debug_dump.bat". This will produce a "debug_info.txt". Pastebin this file and post the link in the smashboards thread. Dantarion will look at it and figure out why it doesnt work


  • Check back soon!