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Hex ID Short Name Description Subactions Called
000 Wait Idle.
001 Walk Walking.
002 WalkBrake Stopping from a walk.
003 Dash Initial dash.
004 Run Running.
005 RunBrake Stopping from a run.
006 Turn 1 Turning while standing.
007 Turn 2 Turning while dashing.
008 TurnRun Turning while running.
009 TurnRunBrake Turning while running and stopping during the turn.
00A JumpSquat Preparing to jump.
00B JumpF/JumpB First jump.
00C JumpAerial(F/B) Double jump.
00D MultiJump Multijump.
00E Fall Regular fall.
00F FallAerial Regular fall after having used last jump.
010 FallSpecial Falling while disabled.
011 Squat Entering crouching state.
012 SquatWait Crouching.
013 SquatF Crawling forwards.
014 SquatB Crawling backwards.
015 SquatRv Standing up from crouching state.
016 LandingHeavy Hardlanding.
017 LandingLight Light landing.
018 Landing during an aerial attack.
019 LandingFallSpecial Land Dissabled
01A GuardOn Enter Shield
01B Guard Shield
01C GuardOff Exit Shield
01D GuardDamage shield stun
01E EscapeN Spotdodge
01F EscapeF Roll Forward
020 EscapeB Roll Back
021 EscapeAir Air Dodge
022 Rebound (transitions to 23)
023 Rebound
024 Jab1, Jab2, Jab3
025 Rapid jab
026 AttackDash Dash attack.
027 AttackS3 Forward tilt.
028 AttackHi3 Up tilt.
029 AttackLw3 Down tilt.
02A AttackS4Start Side Smash Windup
02B AttackS4Hold Side Smash Charge
02C AttackS4S Side Smash Attack
02D AttackLw4Start Down Smash Windup
02E AttackLw4Hold Down Smash Charge
02F AttackLw4 Down Smash Attack
030 AttackHi4Start Up Smash Windup
031 AttackHi4Hold Up Smash Charge
032 AttackHi4 Up Smash Attack
033 Air Attack(All)
034 Catch Grab
035 CatchWait Grabbing Enemy
036 CatchDash Dash Grab
037 Holding Enemy
038 CatchTurn Pivot Grab
039 CatchWait Hold
03A CatchAttack Grab Attack
03B CatchCut Release
03C Throw
03D Grabbed
03E CaptureWaitHi Held
03F Held Damage
040 CaptureCut Escape
041 CaptureJump jump break
042 Thrown
043 GroundHit Occurs when you get hit and remain grounded?
044 AirHitLand Occurs when landing after being hit in the air?
045 Hitstun
046 Hit ground
047 Hit wall
048 Hit ceiling
049 DamageFall Tumble
04A Hit ground (tumble)
04B Hit wall (tumble)
04C Hit ceiling (tumble)
04D Lying
04E tech roll from lying on ground
04F struggle on ground a bit
050 tech roll from lying on ground
051 get up
052 tech roll from lying on ground
053 get up attack
054 bounce on ground
055 hit ground hard
056 broken shield that flies up
057 hit ground hard with broken shield
058 hit ground softly with broken shield
059 get up from lying on ground with broken shield
05A shield broken dizziness
05B recover from broken shield
05C fall asleep
05D something in the middle of sleep
05E wake up from sleep
05F stunned from Deku Nut
060 tech (gound)
061 tech roll
062 tech (wall)
063 tech jump
064 tech (ceiling)
065 Running into a wall
066 Hitting head on ceiling
067 WallJump
068 Wallcling initial
069 Wallcling wait
06A Wallcling end
06B Goes to 6A
06C Jump from wallcling
06D Footstool
06E Getting Footstooled
06F Getting back up from being footstooled
070 get footstooled in air
071 Spinning after being footstooled in air
072 Flipping through platform
073 Begin to grab ledge [if forced in air, puts you in fal1 state with aerial jumps restored]
074 Ledge grab
075 Ledge hang
076 Ledge attack
077 Ledge climb
078 Ledge roll
079 Ledge jump start
07A Ledge jump end
07B Ledge jump end?
07C Begins to teeter off a ledge
07D Teetering off a ledge
07E EdgeSlip When knocked back off an edge
07F FireTether Z-Air
080 Tether aiming
081 Tether grabbing stage
082 Rising from tether wait
083 big smoke cloud landing effect ???
084 GlideStart - begins glide. - Will flop over if on the ground.
085 GlideDirection - The part of the glide animation in which you control your angle
086 GlideLanding - get up from lying on stomach???
087 Glide Attack Glide Attack
088 GlideEnd GlideEnd - The end of a glide.
089 Trip on rear end, running over banana peel activates this
08A Hitting ground from slip
08B turn around and trip
08C fall forward and trip
08D on the ground in a tripped state
08E get up from tripped state
08F attack from tripped state
090 roll forward out of tripped state
091 roll backward out of tripped state
092 grab,climb ladder
094 waiting on ladder
096 GrabItem
097 GrabHeavyItem
098 Heavy item stand
099 Heavy item turn
09A Heavy item walk
09B ThrowItem Throwing/dropping item
09C ThrowItemRun Throwing item from running
09D ThrowHeavyItem Throwing heavy item
09E NeutralSwingItem
09F TiltSwingItem
0A0 SmashSwingItemWindup
0A1 SmashSwingItem
0A2 SmashSwingItemCharge
0A3 DashSwingItem
0A4 Shooting item stand/Cracker Launcher stand
0A5 Shooting item f-walk/Cracker Launcher walk
0A7 Shooting item b-walk
0A9 Shooting item f-dash/Cracker Launcher dash
0AA Shooting item b-dash
0AB Shooting item/Cracker Launcher jumpsquat
0AC Shooting item/Cracker Launcher jump/fall
0AD Shooting item air fire/Cracker Launcher platform drop and air fire
0AE Shooting item/Cracker Launcher land
0AF ItemScrew Screw attack first jump
0B0 ItemScrew Screw attack second jump
0B1 ItemScrewFall Falling from screw attack
0B2 ItemAssist Assist trophy
0B3 Fall Falling in water
0B4 SwimRise surfacing animation
0B5 SwimDamage,SwimUp surfacing animation (same?)
0B6 Swim treading water (good health)
0B7 SwimF actively swimming (as in swimming forward)
0B8 SwimEnd going from swimming forward to treading
0B9 SwimTurn turning around in water
0BA JumpF about to jump out of water (essentially JumpCrouch)
0BB SwimDrown floundering (about to drown)
0BC SwimDrownOut drowning
0BD Death
0BE Respawn
0C4 Spring Jump
0C6 Eaten by fish on summit
0C7 Enter grounded state
0C8 In grounded state
0C9 Exit grounded state
0CA Frozen state
0CB Exiting frozen state
0CC ChompGrabbed Caught in Chomp
0CD Being chomped?
0CF FalconDiveGrabbed Caught in Falcon Dive
0D0 BeingInhaled Kirby/Dedede Inhaled Flying
0D1 Kirby/Dedede Inhaled Swallowed
0D2 Kirby/Dedede Inhaled Inside
0D3 Kirby/Dedede Inhaled Spit/Copy
0D4 Kirby/Dedede Inhaled Post Spit/Copy Recoil (1 frame)
0D6 MonkeyFlipGrabbed Caught in Monkey Flip
0D7 Diddy Kong Monkey Flip thrown (either)
0D9 Start of DK's Cargo
0DA Caught in DK's Cargo
0DC Riding Warp Star
0DD Diving Warp Star
0DE Using Dragoon
0DF Hammer stand
0E0 Hammer turn
0E1 Hammer walk
0E2 Hammer jumpsquat
0E3 Hammer jump/fall
0E5 Hammer landing
0E6 DarkDiveGrabbed Caught in Dark Dive
0E7 FlameChokeGroundGrabbed Caught in Flame Choke (initially) (ground)
0E8 FlameChokeAirGrabbed Caught in Flame Choke (air)
0E9 FlameChokeAirPlummetingGrabbed Caught in Flame Choke and plummeting (?)
0EA FlameChokeScramble Caught in Flame Choke and flailing (ground)
0EB EggImmiment Caught by Egg Lay (being dragged by tongue)
0EC Egged Caught in an egg
0ED Action victims go into when caught by Link's/Toon Link's Final Smash.
0EE FlyingSlamGrabbed Caught in Flying Slam
0EF Action victims go into when caught by Meta Knight's Final Smash.
0F0 Plunged (i.e. Pitfall through soft platform)
0F1 This action is what Kirby and MK go into when they use their Uthrows
0F2 Enlarge(and Size Revert)
0F3 Shrink(and Size Revert)
0F7 First Action victims go into for Ike's Final Smash.
0F8 Second Action victims go into for Ike's Final Smash.
0FA Action victims go into when grabbed by Master/Crazy Hand.
0FD First Action victims go into for Captain Falcon's Final Smash.
0FE Second Action victims go into for Captain Falcon's Final Smash.
100 First Action victims go into for Kirby's Final Smash.
101 Second Action victims go into for Kirby's Final Smash.
102 Swallowed by kirby/dedede?
103 Shot out by kirby/dedede?
104 Action victims go into for Tabuu's whip/chain grab.
105 Action victims go into when grabbed by the Bucculus Enemy on the ground.
106 Action victims go into when grabbed by the Buccluls Enemy in the air.
107 Yoshi normal grabbed
108 Yoshi held grab?
109 Yoshi held pummel?
10A Yoshi held pummel/release?
10B Unloaded
10C Taunt(All 3)
10D smash taunt
10E Entrance
10F Victory(All)
110 Loss
111  ??


Hex ID Short Name Description Subactions Called
112 SpecialN Neutral special.
113 SpecialS Side special.
114 SpecialHi Up special.
115 SpecialLw Down special.
116 Final Final Smash.